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the film


The sky is the limit.

A man stands at the edge of a cliff staring at the void beneath. With nothing left to live for and only one thing left to lose he has a chance to meet with a little stranger who gives him hope and a reason to live.

Kite tells the story of a friendship between a middle-aged foreigner and a little Chinese girl; it's also a film about second chances. Life is a beautiful thing, and you should never give up but keep your hopes and dreams alive even in your darkest hours. They are both lonely alone, but destiny throws them together on a remote island of all places. They both learn that life is worth living even though we feel there is no way out.



This is how it all started. 

After our previous success on The Passport; more than 80 nominations worldwide and 18 Wins Mike and I decided to do another movie*, one day we had a quick discussion that turned into a brainstorm and gave birth to Kite.

*Actually, we wrote four different movie scripts, Room 13, Time to Die (in post-production), Backpacker (Thriller-fantasy-feature), The Passport feature (ongoing), and Hide (Horror-comedy).

It took about 2 years to make the film, Kite.
At first, the story was set on a rooftop in Shanghai, but with the logistics and financing to make this film it wasn't as simple as we expected. In August 2021 Camilla Wang and Olivier went on a trip to a remote island close to Korea and 3 hours boat trip from Shanghai.


They both fell for the place and became friends with the locals on the Island. Finally, the Island became part of the founding and was fully supportive of our original script.

The facts
The mission



The island is an integral character of the movie, located on the edge of the Chinese border.

The island has a history on its own, from the lighthouse built by the British Empire in the 1800s to the bunkers built to defend its coastline against the Japanese invasion in WWII.

Now Huaniao Island (Flower and Bird Island) has become a popular holiday destination to this day, a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

There are only 300 permanent residents on the island and the tourist development is limited to have less of a footprint on the very unique landscape of this island.

On behalf of the team, we are very grateful to Huaniao Island's team for their kindness and generosity in making this movie possible.



To all the collaborators on this movie

We had a tiny team for this movie due to logistics and the size of the island. After shooting for a week in a completely remote place in the middle of the China Sea, we became like a small family.

It was an amazing journey and despite all the challenges  (storms, 50km winds, rain, etc) we are really grateful and blessed by the work of the team behind this movie.

For that, thank you!

Studio Supreme Team,

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