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Olivier is the co-writer, director and executive producer of Kite. Currently based in Shanghai, Olivier was also in charge of the visual effects and graphics of the movie. You can find out more about Olivier's work on and




Michael is the co-writer and lead actor of this project.
Currently based in Shanghai, Michael is an experienced actor who has featured in several films including: War Horse, Robin Hood, Alice through the looking glass, etc. 
For more on Michael's work check out his IMDB.




She started her career in Beijing as a fashion editor for Vogue China and collaborated with top international celebrities and brands.

With more than 2 Million followers, Camilla is also a force to reckon in Chinese social media and operate as an influencer. She produces and hosts content for social media, vlogs, films, and commercials. Camilla is a team player with a long experience and expertise in fashion and brands in China.

As a critical member of Studio Supreme, Camilla has a deep insight into Chinese culture with international expertise and awareness. That gives her the flexibility to navigate between different projects and collaboration with a clear understanding of the needs.

Recently she also gave lectures at the Instituto Marangoni in Fashion and content marketing.




Originally from Paris FRANCE, the passion for cinema and image comes very early, around eight years old.  Growing up, he enriched develop his sense of visual aesthetics with photography and Video. He is a  graduate of 3IIS (Cinema school based in Paris), Camera and Light, promoted in 2010.


Subsequently, he  worked in different rental houses for light and camera (TSF, PANAVISION), also assists Gerard SAVARY (color  Grader) at ECLAIR LABORATORY, photochemistry department. After having acquired enough knowledge in  camera and light.

Later on, Joe's will work as a camera assistant and electrician in light for about four years. He had the  chance to work with Oscar director Roman POLANSKY (director), Pawel EDELMAN (DOP), Stephane  FONTAINE (DOP), Darius KHONDGI (DOP), Mikael MONOD (Gaffer). At the same time, Joe started as a cinematographer and Gaffer on short films. For six years, he is a full-time Cinematographer and Gaffer, and  Creative Producer in Shanghai. Joe works in different places in China on various projects such as fashion  films, TVC, feature films, short films, and music videos.




Kirtan Hummelen is a cinematographer that shoots both narrative and commercial projects. After working for over a decade in the Netherlands he seized the opportunity to shoot a feature length film in China. He has been based in Shanghai since 2017. His passion focuses on telling stories by using images.

Through his cinematography he strives to harmonize light, color, composition and movement. Each project is treated ad hoc, searching for the right tools that best serve the narrative. He believes that an essential quality to keep expanding one’s visual palette.




Dan Vithyavuthi is an award-winning composer and music producer, based in Los Angeles, who has worked  on many commercial works, including feature films, commercials, and songs. In 2017, he was awarded  Best Original Score for his work on Once Upon A Time in Space. The short was awarded by the "Asians on  Film Festival" in 2017. Since then, he has had a highly successful career working on TV shows such as  Demon Hunter ZhongKui and working on many promotional events for large corporations, such as Alibaba's  2019 20th anniversary. While not working on scoring films and commercials, he spends his free time with  his family and producing songs, which have been performed worldwide during many fashion runway events  in Paris, Cyprus, and Beijing.





Junke (Coco) Li, is an award-winning production designer and art director with 5 years of experience. She is currently based in Shanghai and frequently works in Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai. Coco is the in-house production designer of HONGGUAN Art Studios. She attended the Academy Gold 2020 Production Design track by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and became a member of the Hollywood Professional Association as a certificated production designer.


Coco Li completed her MFA in Filmmaking at New York Film Academy and BFA in Film and TV Directing at Shanghai University. She is now continuing her education on Master of Interior Design at UCLA Extension. Coco Li is mentored by and only mentee of K. K. Barrett, the production designer of Her, Birds of Prey, nominated for The Oscars Awards Best Production Design. With 5 years of experience in production design, drafting, model-making, and illustration skills, Coco is good at the design of Sci-Fi and fantasy genres. She holds the belief that “Every element speaks” so that her design always serves and elevates the story.


Coco has designed and art directed for over 50 commercials, known for One Plus 9 Series x Leaving the Moon, Tmall Cyber-Chinese Series, 2021 Taobao CNY, VIVO Nex 3 Oversea Series, BAZAAR x Yangyang, Yibo Wang x Bust Down, and so on. She is in a good relationship with over 50+ brands and 60+ celebrities.


As for narrative works, Coco is known for TV series In New York (produced by Mango TV and starring Yifeng Li, Shuying Jiang) and Humans (produced by Shanghai Croton Media and starred Tianyu Ma, Wei Qi) Coco also designed the feature film When We Dance the Music Dies, From the Ocean and over 30 short films. She did a good collaboration with director Po Yan (The Magnolia Award Best Director), Hyuk Jin (Korean director known for City Hunter), and Wenye Vivian Wang.




My name is Jose Salto, I have been more than 15 years working primarily as an offline editor (the last eight  based in SH), but I enjoy every step of film production. I love working in very different formats: from 90min  feature films (my degree is in film editing) to 30min documentaries/TV programs, 4min music videos or  90s/30s, or even 5s commercials.


I'm proud to say I enjoy digging into all the possibilities the footage may  offer and then finding the best structure for each film, independently of the length of the challenge.




Since moving to Shanghai in 2013, Nicholas Z. Scott has written, produced, and directed over 20 independent short films. He’s been hired to write various screenplays for the Chinese market including “The Organ Donor” in pre-production at Black+Cameron, and “Masters of Wine” in pre-production at Group Eight Media. He was also hired to write and develop “The Fortress”, a crime drama series for CCTV6. In addition to his film-making, Scott has taught film and screenwriting at various universities such as the Shanghai Vancouver Film School, NYU Shanghai, and the University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong Joint Institute. Scott is currently working on post-production for “Black Whirlwind”, his debut feature film which he wrote, produced, and co-directed.





Michael Hough is a composer and sound editor whose feature film credits include "Hector and the Search for Happiness," "The Great Wall," and "Beyond the Wave ." In 2017, he was nominated for Best Original Score for the Chinese feature film "Home Away" at the Madrid International Film Festival. Hough's television and documentary work include Vice, Nat Geo, Discovery, and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Producing synth-driven, electronic music under the alias Koboto, he released a self-titled album in 2017. 


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