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Long Synopsis.

"The Black Box" is a romantic drama film that tells the story of Thibaut, a Frenchman, and Sai, a Chinese girl, who fall in love during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis. Despite the harsh quarantine restrictions, they decide to meet and spend time together, with Thibaut having to endure 28 days of quarantine. The film explores their relationship, narrated through dreams, reality, and Sai's fantasies. At one point, Sai describes herself as a black box, the memory of their relationship and the moments that never happened. The film also touches on their shared fascination with planes and airports, with Thibaut collecting photos of X-rays with his suitcase and Sai being fascinated by black boxes. The film ultimately explores the fragility and indestructibility of relationships, memory, and love.



A poetic exploration of love and memories. 

"The Black Box is a romantic and poetic exploration of love and memories during a global crisis. Through the story of Thibaut and Sai, I wanted to capture the fragility and resilience of human relationships and the power of imagination and dreams. The film also reflects on the themes of borders, isolation, and technology and how they affect our lives and emotions.


Despite the movie's independent aspect, we aimed to create a visually stunning and immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Ultimately, The Black Box is a tribute to love, courage, and the human spirit.

The Black Box - About


Blending Dreams and Reality

"The Black Box" is a unique and experimental piece of fiction filmmaking in several ways.

Firstly, the film explores the unconventional theme of love during the Covid-19 pandemic, which cinema has yet to research extensively. Secondly, the film's narrative structure is irregular and blends dream, reality, and fantasy elements. The protagonist's journey is narrated through these different perspectives, which creates a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere.

In terms of aesthetics and form, the film experiments with vintage lenses from the 70-80s, which adds a sense of timelessness and emotional depth to the story.

Using contrasting colors and textures also adds to the film's visual appeal. The cinematography features a mix of naturalistic and minimalist approaches, using a 4:3 aspect ratio and unique angles, lighting, and camera movements to create a sense of tension and intrigue.

In terms of performance, the film's lead actors are both first-time actors and do not speak each other's languages, adding to the raw and naturalistic feel of the film. The actors' chemistry and performances create a palpable sense of tension and longing, with some scenes being based on improvisation.

In terms of production methods, the film was produced and shot in Shanghai, China, using a mix of local and international talent. Kirtan Hummelen was the cinematographer, creating a seamless and cohesive vision for the film. The editing was done in Spain, while the final color grading was achieved in Bangkok, Thailand.

Overall, "The Black Box" is a captivating and experimental work of fiction filmmaking that pushes the boundaries of storytelling, aesthetics, and production methods.

Black Box About


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Here is our official press kit, feel free to download it. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

The Black Box - Movie Stills


Captivating Movie Stills from "The Black Box"

Here you can explore a collection of stunning images from the film "The Black Box." Each still captures a unique moment from the film and showcases the talent of our cast and crew. Download these stills to experience the captivating visuals and aesthetics of the film firsthand.

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