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Michael Koltes, actor, cast, lead actor, movie, film, short, sci-fi
Andy Ma, cast, The Passport, movie, film, sci-fi



Michael is the co-writer and lead actor of this project. Currently based in Shanghai, Michael is an experienced actor who has featured in several films  including: War Horse, Robin Hood, Alice through the looking glass to etc. For more on Michael's work check out his IMDB.



Andy Ma is an American actor based in both Shanghai, China and Las Vegas, USA.
Andy is currently working on various films projects in China.


Patrick Ip, china, Shanghai, cast, The Passport, movie, film, sci-fi

Patrick PL Ip is an actor based in Shanghai, China and travels between Asia and North America. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering Computer Science. He has tried working in many different fields but could not resist his love and passion for performing. He is working towards a Masters degree in acting at Shanghai Theatre Academy. Since 2011, he has been actively pursuing opportunities in film and as a result been featured in several Taiwanese movies, indie films, and student film projects.


Dante Pang, cast, movie, film, sci-fi, short, the passport


Dante Pang is a Chinese and Canadian actor of EEG, based in Beijing China. Dante played lead roles in web series 十里桃花后传 PTU机动部队 and also in  三生三世

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