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Michael Koltes is an award-winning actor born in Hamburg, Germany but moved to Los Angeles as a kid, where he started performing from the early age of 2.

At 18, he studied acting in London at 'The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.' Michael began his career in the Lon-  don 'West End' theatre scene, playing characters such as 'Mozart' and 'Louis XIV,' eventually moving into Film and Television. He has since worked with directors such as Steven Spielberg (War Horse), Sir Ridley Scott (Robin Hood, The Martian), Tim Burton (Dark Shadows, Alice In Wonderland as Johnny Depp's Body Double), and other legends of the trade.

He recently acted in a studio movie with British born Hollywood director Simon West (Tomb Raider, Con Air, Expendables 2, etc.) and recently played a lead role in 寄居者 starring alongside 姚星彤 and also the new series 三体: And 三十而已. He also recently starred in 'Karl Marx' as Marx and 'Changjin Lake II,' China's top-grossing film of 2022.

Aside from acting, Michael is also a passionate film-maker at heart and has produced, directed, and written both shorts and features.



Reina Kinsman (瑞娜) is born on October 10, 2012, in Shanghai to her Chinese mother and her Native American/European mixed father.

Reina began her career at the age of only three months old.


She has compiled an impressive resume that includes modeling,  T.V.  commercials,  event hosting, and roles in T.V. and films. She speaks both Mandarin and English fluently. Some of her work includes: “放开我北鼻/Let Go of my Baby!” (2017), and “White Coffee” (2016). In 2018, 我的日记 /The Diary (2018) with Jackie Chan.

She is currently filming “Meet the Dragon” ( 遇 龙 ). Reina has worked with celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Angelababy, Jackson Wang, Xiao  S, Li Xian, Chen Linong, Ray Lui, Jelly Lin: Stephen Zhang, Johnny Huang, Cheney Chen, Vin Zhou, Jason Zhang, rand JPop band WayV. Reina has a high profile in Chinese social media, with more than 2.8 million followers on Weibo and 2.2 million on 抖 音 /TikTok. She hosted the 抖 音 /  TikTok’s 2020 New Year event. As an influencer, Reina has ongoing collaborations with renowned brands such as; Nike (including Air Jordan and  Converse), Levi Strauss, ANTA (FILA), and partnerships with local Chinese brands, including representations at the London Fashion Week 2019.

Aside from acting, Reina has also been awarded 12 times in China, including 2018 and 2019 “With The Love of Children” and three awards in Thailand; the 2018  Person of the Year award, the ambassador for “I Am From China,” and the Thailand King’s Memorial reward.


Camilla Wang卡姐卡米拉 is an accomplished actress with an impressive background in the fashion industry. As a former Vogue China fashion editor and curator director, Camilla deeply understands fashion trends, culture, and social media.


Her work as a fashion influencer has garnered a massive following on Weibo, RED, and YouTube, making her one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. As a voice-over actress, Camilla has also lent her voice to commercials, movies, and animation. She brings her talent and experience to every project, showcasing her passion for the arts and commitment to excellence.

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